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You may have come across many instances where you feel the need to share Android screen on Computer System. For e.g., when you’re demoing to a client, to take screenshot, recording screen etc…

I have found some ways to do the same. Here, I have mentioned steps of two easy ways to achieve the same in Windows 10. Similar steps can be followed for other operating system.


If you want details about the prerequisites’ setup, please refer respective sections.

Let’s get started:

1st method…

Image from Bitsnapper

Wondering how to build Android images by your own!!
You need high speed internet and also System with Ubuntu 14.04, at least 4GB RAM, JDK(version 7), at least 250 GB free space on HD, Python, Git.
Don’t go by message 3 min read, it will take HOURS…

Steps shown here, are performed on Ubuntu (14.04).

First thing we need to install repo and Git tool.

Create one empty folder and start downloading source code into it. We are targeting Android Mashmellow.

Have patience, it will take time. After successfully downloading source code, you should get similar message:

Photo by Markus Spiske

What is Testing? In layman’s term… Check and make sure whether thing working properly or not. Here thing could be Software or Hardware or Required System which we have developed.

Why we need it? Let me tell you one (terrible) story. When we heard word Japan, our brain starts picturing one of the most intelligent and technically advanced Country.

There are cases when we need different versions of Software. Last week I had to work on Android 7 — Nougat and Android 6 — Marshmallow simultaneously.

When you are working on Android Frameworks 7.0 and Android Frameworks 6.0, at the same time, in this case you will need Java 8 and Java 7 respectively. You will need multiple java versions, for building different Android frameworks, on single machine. If you don’t set correct java version, you will get message like, You are attempting to build with the incorrect version of java.

Now a days AOSP source code comes with…

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